It is important for all citizens to be aware of their government. Government functions, government policy, government actions, and governmental representation.

Our representatives in government are there to do just that—represent us all in the hallowed halls of local, state, and federal of our public institutions.  It is incumbent upon all citizens to speak their minds in a democracy that holds the principal of freedom of speech an immutable and absolute right.

Let your representatives hear your voice.  Speak your peace. Demand to be heard.  This is how a democratic government is supposed to work.  For without the voice of the people, our political leaders can only guess our feelings about domestic and foreign policy directions.

Your Representatives in Government

County Commissioners Link

  • Rex Johnstone, District 1
  • David Sauter, District 2
  • Jim Sizemore, District 3


Washington State Legislature Link Legislative District 14




US Congressional District 3


US Senate


US President