The Klickitat County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) is the body that conducts business for the Klickitat County Democratic Party. They hold meetings at least once a quarter, where they pass resolutions, elect officers, make endorsements, and conduct other Party business. The KCDCC also participates in county events and organized its own public programs and events. The Klickitat County Democratic Party attends quarterly meetings with the Washington State Democratic Party who every two years holds a State Convention where delegates to the convention gather to conduct further Party business.

This page contains some of the documents produced by the WSDCC and State Convention delegates. These documents define the Klickitat County Democratic Party.

  • 2016 Platform This document states the Party’s beliefs and positions.
  • Bylaws This document contains the rules for how the Party conducts business.


The Klickitat Democrats held an Issue-Based Discussion meeting where we met in 4 small groups: Environment, Education, Human/Civil Rights, Health Care. Read our notes here.

Platform Comparison by Issue: Created by Chris J

Review the GOP and DEM platforms by issue

Fact Sheets: Created by Chris F, Edited by Linda R

Legislator Contact Information

Environmental Resources

Civil/Human Rights Resources

Health Care Resources